malte lueders fotoMalte Lueders
Born 1966 in Hamburg

¬ 1988
Freelance work as a designer with Peter Schmidt+Veit Mahlmann – design and development of displays, perfume bottles, fair stalls and shop interiors.
¬ 1991-1999
Study of architecture at the Berlin Hochschule of the Arts with final thesis on the possibilities of settlement on Mars (Max Taut-prize nomination).
At the same time, collaboration with the artist group Artgenossen, an association of film makers, painters, actors, dancers, musicians and architects, whose aim was to unite different work in happenings (Fremdkoerper, design for a flying gallery, Gallery Querhaus 1993, Gallery Acud 1994).
¬ 1996 
Team project Academy ship for the 300th anniversary of the Berlin Academy of Art – a floating pneumatic structure, presenting a composition of light, sound, images and spoken texts on the waterways in and around Berlin.
¬ since 1991  
Freelance work in different architectural offices as engineer and in the field of architectural visualisation. Work with Stephan Braunfels Architects on the German parliament buildings in Berlin.