The Fallen
for two percussionists and electronic sounds, 1994

Everything began wonderfully. Everything worked. Fantastic simulations rang around my work room. The needle printer clattered amicably, printing finished compositions, page for page. It was time to drink tea and wait for the first rehearsal tomorrow.
But when the printer got to page 12, something unfathomable happened. I'm used to crashes – they happen to every computer worker almost daily. But this crash was to top all crashes. Nothing worked any more? Not only that! The screen broke out in flames, endless bolts of lightning flashed across the keyboard. The all-powerful CUBASE-KEY, shot through the wall and landed in my neighbor's aquarium. It took me hours to get the situation under control. One frightened glance at the printer, which had miraculously survived the catastrophe; the document ended on page 12. Tomorrow is the first rehearsal.