Drei kehren zurueck
for Ensemble, 1993

The Composition "Drei kehren zurueck" ("Three Return") was created in 1993 for the Ensemble United Berlin. The form of this work is a concerto for three solists and ensemble. Three – violin, clarinet and trombone – return, one after the other, introducing solo passages at the beginning of the piece. Looking at Glandiens musical biography, one gets the impression that he is describing his own "return". He has worked with equal intensity in various fields of music. In addition to writing and producing electroacoustic compositions, music for jazz and rock musicians, numerous radio and film scores, Glandien explored installation art in 1996. In all these fields, Glandien pushed forward up to a certain point, then, returns, in order to embark upon new terrain – with new, enriched experiences. This gesture of searching is evident throughout "Drei kehren zurück". The divergence of musical motives from many styles is encouraging and noteworthy. Certainly, it is hard to accept the dark and depressive mood at the end of the piece, which seems to suggest final resignation.
Dr. Wolfgang Heinrichs