Die Dialekte des Koerpers
(d u t y f r e e, Dance Company RUBATO)

[...]"Duty Free" is sportive, fresh, tender and loud. There are wonderful, trusting duets and bizarre anatomic studies. The four men and two women run around the stage, cover from each other and fill the room with sudden energy. Then, like a spot, a single line in the landscape, Zhou Niannian, the Chinese woman, stands with split legs. Two scenes later, she performs graceful Indian hand-gestures, in which every minute finger motion has its special meaning. The Canadian Daelik rushes up behind her, being drawn by his own hand, which practically separates from his body by isolation technique. [...]
The piece is held together by the firstly pulsating music of Lutz Glandien, who weaved an effective texture from the dancers' voices, body sounds and their favourite music by having experienced intimate nearness to them. Sharp accents that cut across the room like lightning, retardations and accelerations from the age of super computers structure the time of this piece and catapult the acoustic material it into an infinite space. In far distance, so close.
Katrin Bettina Mueller, TAZ Berlin (14.1.2002)