Herbst ohne Ende – 7 Tage Glocken
Composition for Carillon, 2000

"Herbst ohne Ende" ("Autumn without End – Seven Days of Bells") is a cycle of seven short pieces (each two to three minutes long) for the Glockenspiel of the "Kulturbrauerei” in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. Every day of the week, a different significant melody is heard. Every week, the cycle is repeated. Each piece begins with four single tones, marking the beginning of the hour. A melody that defines the character of the particular day follows. For example:
Sunday contemplative – calm
Monday busy – fast

The decision to use several melodies rather than a single one was inspired by the very diversified program palette of the "Kulturbrauerei”. Besides, a single melody would have become tiring. Seven melodies represent the life cycle of the visitors and those living there and promise an interesting effect of remembrance.