As in the fairytale "Frau Holle", the visitor enters a portal, this one made of 180 free swinging Plexiglas tubes, occupying a ground area of 3x4 meters. In the middle of this portal, surrounded by 3-meter tubes, a three-dimensional listening space opens up. From 88 loud speakers positioned in the tubes a stream of natural sounds, voices, noises and musical tones pours over the listener. While regarding the environment, which appears strange through the swinging, transparent tubes, the visitor listens to the fairytale changes of sound.
The walk-in sound installation Holle was realised for sonambiente – festival for listening and looking in Berlin, August 1996. In the arcades of the State Library Unter den Linden, Malte Lueders and Lutz Glandien created a work, which links sound and architecture and takes into account the conditions of its surroundings – its atmosphere and sounds. The four-channel composition took up the sound of the water fountain in the State Library’s yard, extracting from it musical harmonies out of which animal and human voices, instrumental sounds and the noises of civilisation emerge.
This collage gives on to the spoken text of the fairytale "Frau Holle". The glassy sound oasis relates to the fairytale surroundings of the green overgrown architecture of the library’s classicist yard, evoking associations of enchantment.
(Dr. Kersten Glandien)