Marl Media Art Prize for Video | Special Jury's Prize to:

Jingle Jungle
Video by Hartmut Jahn, Music: Lutz Glandien

The Jury's reason for giving the award to Hartmut Jahn's video "Jingle Jungle" read:
"Starting from a Jingle (a short, aesthetically arranged television spot, in this case, produced for the ARTE program 'Love to the Country'), Hartmut Jahn together with the musician Lutz Glandien reworked a story in a manner that displays associative power and aesthetical quality in their excellent video piece. The impressive and clearly cut pictures, as well as the carefully prepared sound track create an aphoristic narrative stream, which describes the political and social aspects of the so-called Third World and the West claiming ubiquitous power. The corn field with its metal-like clicking stalks, the withered face of an old man, half-covered by cloths, the wooden plow ripping open the dry earth, the absurd dance of an armed soldier, the vast plateau menaced by dark clouds and the costumes of the women and men upon it: All this is unified in a melancholic atmosphere and speaks of bearing, trembling and hoping.
The jingle looses its symbolic character due to the remake of the story and becomes a rather new element, the metaphor of a disturbed sphere of life, enriched and intensified by pictures, words and music. Thus Hartmut Jahn and Lutz Glandien have created an optically and acoustically convincing statement far from exaggerated aggressiveness and empty propaganda."