Sound Art Projects

The collaboration between composer Lutz Glandien and architect Malte Lueders began in 1996. Their first work together was the sound portal Holle, which they designed for sonambiente – festival for looking and listening, Berlin, August 1996. This installation was remounted in the following years under very different conditions in Potsdam, Hamburg, Dessau and Grossenhain.
Their next project, Koerperwellen – Wellenkoerper (Body Waves – Wave Body) – was commissioned for the Sound Gallery of Radio Free Berlin (SFB) and could be seen in the atrium of the radio building during June 2000. Lutz Glandien and Malte Lueders also took this project to the Sound Art Symposium of the Berlin Academy of Art, 2001 in the "Artists yard", Buch.
2001 saw the opening of the Sound River project, mounted on the river Roeder in Grossenhain’s Municipal Park, part of the 3rd Festival for the Senses. In the summer of 2002, this installation was selected for the Regional Horticultural Exhibition in Grossenhain.