Klangfluss – Flussklang

The quiet installation "Klangfluss – Flussklang" ("Sound River – River Sound"), which in its artificiality responds to the natural surrounding, was created in 2001 for the 3rd Festival for the Senses in Grossenhain´s Municipal Park.
Between two bridges of the river Roeder in the Grossenhain park, Glandien and Lueders installed seven 70cm diameter Plexiglas lenses three to eleven meters apart in a broken line. These swimming islands were anchored to the riverbed with weights, thus remaining motionless in the running water. The sky and the summer foliage of the trees are reflected in their transparent surfaces. The composition, made from spheric glass sounds, the noises of nature and human voices, glides wavelike across the surface of the water from one lens to the next, accompanied by a magical glow, mirroring the dynamic of the sound – a quiet river of sound, flowing against the current.
(Dr. Kersten Glandien)