The composer Lutz Glandien born in 1954 belongs to the outlaws and at the same time to the great hopes in the field of Contemporary Music. The – from a classical academical school emerged – composers attempt to cross the borders of his musical-theoretical education is almost an exemplary model for reaching new dimensions of musical composition by having calculated his approach.
Christian Dreher, KOMA (D 1996)

Lutz Glandien, a l'instar d'Heiner Goebbels, est un musicien incontournable qui construit un pont'entre deux mondes.
Patrick Gentet, IMPROJAZZ (F 1995)

Glandien is a major talent.

Selten ist der Beweis fuer die Unterhaltsamkeit ernstgemeinter Musik schluessiger erbracht worden.
Wolf Kampmann, RER PRESS RELEASE (GB 1993)

Glandien's electronics are rarely less than gripping.

Lutz Glandien relies on eloquence of an uncompromising expressiveness and definite dramaturgy, carried by a sociocritical mentality.
Gisela Nauck, BERLINER WOCHENPOST (D 1990)


Electroacoustic Music

Aus Verstreutem ein Ganzes

Domestic Stories

Lost in Rooms

The 5th Elephant

Instrumental Music (Solo, Ensemble, Orchestra)

Sechse kommen durch die Welt

Drei kehren zurueck

Music for Dance Theatre

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