Radio by 3
Multimedia Concert, 1998

"Radio by 3" is an interactive project by Shelley Hirsch, Chris Cutler and Lutz Glandien. The basis for the interaction between the musicians consists of the programs of 16 radio and television stations on October 17, 1998 around 9 P.M. (in English, German, French, Turkish, etc. ). These were transferred live to six loudspeakers in the hall and three TV monitors on the stage. Using a PRO TOOLS System and a mixer, they were processed through a kind of real-time composition, by which the various kinds of broadcasting stations (Classic, News, Jazz, Rock, Soundtracks, etc.) were scanned and manipulated by Lutz Glandien at the computer. The musicians – Shelley Hirsch, virtuoso voice, and Chris Cutler, percussion – improvised to the sounds of this multimedia machine, Chris Cutler played classical orchestra percussion (timpani, bass drum, tam-tam, etc.) and Shelley Hirsch reacted to the audio-visual information by means of singing and speaking over digital effect processors, such as Eventide.