Lectures | Interviews

Pachydermal Icons
Interview for the e/i magazine (USA)
Issue 6, Winter/Spring 2006
by Udi Koomran


Lost in Rooms
2003 (CD)

The 5th Elephant

Virtualectric Stories, 2001 (CD)

Lutz Glandien

WERGO 1995 (CD)

Scenes from no Marriage
1994 (CD)

Electroacoustic Music

L‘Impero Ritorna – Das Imperium kehrt zurueck
for Viola and 8-Channel Tape, 1999

Spring in September

for Saxophone and Tape, 1998

A – voruebergehend gestoert

fuer Turbotuba und Tonband, 1997

Marie hat Geburtstag

for Piano and Tape, 1994

die abgestuerzt sind
for two percussionists and electronic sounds, 1994


for Piano and Tape, 1992

Aus Verstreutem ein Ganzes

for prepared Tuba, 1992

Exhibitions | Performances

Radio by 3
Multimedia Concert, 1998

Film and Video Music

Jingle Jungle
Video by Hartmut Jahn, 2001

Instrumental Music (Solo, Ensemble, Orchestra)

Herbst ohne Ende – 7 Tage Glocken
Composition for Glockenspiel, 2000

Sechse kommen durch die Welt
(Composition for Six Sixens)
for Percussion Ensemble, 1994

Radio Play

The Sign of Three
SFB 1997

Sound Installations

Sound art projects
Sound – Architecture

Klangfluss – Flussklang

Municipal Park Grossenhain 2001/2002

Koerperwellen – Wellenkoerper
Atrium of SFB Berlin 2000

State Library Berlin Unter den Linden 1996
Festival Sonambiente the Berlin Academy of the Arts