Lutz Glandien Vita

East Berlin composer Lutz Glandien started working in music in the 1980's in the tradition of Experimental Song-Theatre. After studying classical contemporary composition (1979 - 1983) he produced a range of works for chamber ensembles, small groups, solo instruments and symphony orchestras. Soon his drive to experiment led to a break with conventional musical formats and he began to design and build his own musical instruments for new compositions. At the same time he completed a number of internationally acclaimed electro-acoustic compositions (Scenes from no Marriage, ReR London 1994; Solo-CD, WERGO Mainz 1995). Also during this period collaborations with Chris Cutler inspired him to work with improvisers and musicians from an avant-garde rock background, both on recordings and in performances (Domestic Stories, ReR London 1992; p53, ReR London 1995).

In the mid-1990's he established his own professional studio where he has since produced soundtracks for over 80 radiophonic works, documentary and art films, video performances, exhibitions and contemporary dance performances. In 1996 he met the architect Malte Lüders, with whom he subsequently realized a series of sound installation projects for public spaces - stressing the synergetic affiliations between sonic and architectural materials, installation set-up and the public situation. In the course of these diverse productions he developed his concept of 'Composing by Ear', made extensive studies of human and primate voices and worked on cycles of 'virtual' and 'recycled' music. (The 5th Elephant, ReR London 2001, Lost in Rooms, ReR London 2003).

In his lecture Lutz Glandien will give some insight into the wide range of his experimental musical activities and especially his work in the field of Sound Art.